Ruby and Amber’s Farm is a small diverse market farm nestled in the beautiful Row River Valley in Dorena, Oregon.  Established in 1999, Walt and Kris named the farm in honor of their first team of draft horses, Ruby and Amber, who contribute much of the power for plowing and other tillage on the farm.  We now power the farm with eight powerful and beautiful draft horses of different breeds, in addition to our people and tractor power.   

Our farm mission is to produce high quality fruits, vegetables, grains, meats, eggs, and flowers for our customers and community. We grow grains for our animals. and they get a wide diversity of vegetables from our field clean up. In return our animals give us most of our fertility in the form of compost. We feel this small batch, small farm system produces the highest quality produce.



The key to producing nutrient dense food on our farm is nurturing the soil. We view our soil as a living, breathing organism, that supports healthy plants, animals, and people.   We manage our production areas carefully with appropriate tillage, using draft power for many of the tasks.  Our fields are planted with diverse rotations of vegetables, legumes, grasses and fallow areas, allowing the soil to rest, rejuvenate, and stabilize. The livestock within our farm system are our main source of fertility, and act as the backbone to our on-farm composting system.  We never import outside manures for our compost.   We have found that our farm organism, soil, and compost is enhanced using the biodynamic preparations & it is evident in our final product's flavor, quality, and storage-ability.


The forests and riparian zones that are part of our farm are an essential piece, as they provide habitat for beneficial insects, plants and animals.  We place the highest priority on earth stewardship and are proud that our farming systems are low impact on our planet's environment. We protect our soil and water from waste and erosion, maximize our production from the smallest possible land base use, protect and provide for pollinators such as bees and insects, promote a wide variety of native species of raptors, birds, and other animals, and leave significant borderlands of our farm unaltered to provide many trees and understory as wild lands for native habitat.  All of these pieces, help us achieve the balanced ecosystem, that supports a healthy farm, that provides nutritious food.