Combining traditional draft horsepower tillage, innovative implements with intensive bed systems and tractor power, we have developed highly productive, sustainable, balanced farming systems to raise healthy, nutritious, and flavorful food for your table. 

 We strive for optimal taste and nutrition, and this starts with good genetics and a focus on soil and plant health.  Adapting to our ever changing environment, we carefully select heirloom varieties that grow well in our microclimate, here along the Row River. Using season extending techniques with high tunnels, row cover, and our enclosed propagation house, we are able to harvest vegetables year round, in the Southern Willamette Valley.  

Our farmers work in tune with the life forces and natural rhythms to help ensure our successful harvests, and seeds to save for years to come.  Thru the entire growing process, from seed sowing--to washing and packing-- to presentation for your selection, our plants are given the extra attention they need to maintain nutritionally dense, beautiful food with excellent quality and taste.