“The behavioral and species- specific characteristics of farm animals are given respectful consideration when determining their housing and general living conditions. Creating an environment that does not unnecessarily restrict their movements and innate behavior, including housing that allows the animals to move freely, is necessary.”
-Demeter Biodynamic® Farm Standard

Always creating an environment that allows our animals to socialize, has enhanced their life and the farm community.  Working alongside our animals daily, we support each other in our roles on the farm- teaching, observing, learning, and growing.

the cows

In the center of our farm ecosystem live our family milk cows. The cows provide nourishment for the entire farm, including our farmers, pigs, chickens, and the soil. They spend their days consuming the scraps from our vegetable harvests, and grazing along side our fields. In return, providing the highest quality manure for our compost, they are an essential piece to our 'closed loop' fertility system. 

The horses

The draft horses on the farm symbolize adaptability, clear communication, determination, energy, intelligence, patience, transformation, and wisdom.  In addition to providing draft power, the horses on our farm have made us better farmers & better people.  Our draft horses bring the farm stability and versatility as they are usually ready to assist us in a variety of tasks including spreading compost, plowing, discing, harrowing, seeding, cultivation, potato harvest, and making hay.  

the chickens

The chickens on the farm are egg laying birds, that are highly social, dynamic creatures. They awaken the farm at every sunrise, coming out of their coop to forage & peck at their food.  Scratching at the surface of the earth, and impacting what is below. Always consuming certified organic, local, whole grains, and plenty of veggies from the fields, the hens lay excellent quality eggs for us, enjoyed and in high demand at our market stand.  

the pigs 

The pigs on the farm represent punctuality, strength, independence, resourcefulness, and fearlessness.  While sometimes they spend their days wallowing and sunbathing, they can also be found turning the soil as they eat what is left in our fields after harvest.