Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a direct relationship between you and a local farm.  A CSA program can bring increased stability to a farm early in the growing season, when they need it most.  By signing up and paying for a share in advance, you commit to the farm for a season, and in return receive a basket of produce harvested fresh, and distributed, each week.  


Joining Ruby & Amber’s 4 Season CSA is a great way to engage in the beautiful relationship between the farm, farmers, and the community they feed.  Experiencing the farm through all 4 seasons, you will truly be in tune with seasonal eating and what is growing on the farm at that time.  We will share with you the story of our crops, from seeds to harvest, and how to store and prepare them at home. As CSA members, you will taste the widest variety of vegetables and fruits that we have to offer.  All of the produce you receive in your weekly harvest share, is Certified Organic, and grown here on the farm in Dorena, OR.  

Our CSA shares are delivered to pick up locations in Downtown Eugene, & Cottage Grove. Contact us to create your own pick up location.  Members receive u-pick & bulk buy opportunities, 5% discount at our market stands, and invitations to events on the farm.

Reaching out from Dorena, OR, we strive to feed our community the highest quality food possible. Focusing on direct, farm to consumer sales, allows us to deliver the best tasting, freshest food we have to offer.  In support of good food for all families, we have started the 4 Season CSA low income fund, to help give families the support they need who want to join our CSA.